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FIT (Formation Integrity Test)
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The DrillSense User Interface Function Reference > Settings > Master Config > Hydraulics/Mud > FIT (Formation Integrity Test)

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The FIT (Formation Integrity Test) tab provides inputs for the latest FIT information but is currently not implemented beyond this screen but this information will used for future DrillSense Enhancements.

Currently, data inputs in this screen do not affect DrillSense in any way.

The Information entered here is used to calculate the Maximum Allowable Mud Weight from Leak Off Test data when the Recalculate button is pressed.


ppg = (Leak-off Pressure, psi ) ÷ 0.052 ÷ (Casing Shoe TVD, ft) + (mud weight, ppg)

DrillSense will make the appropriate conversions to and from user units of measurement.


  • Enter the FIT M. Depth  (Press "Use last Casing Shoe" to use the MDepth of the last casing shoe entered in the Hole Geometry)
  • Enter the FIT V. Depth (Press "Look Up VDepth) to retrieve the vertical depth from the DrillSense database)
  • Enter the Leak Off Pr. from FIT results
  • Enter the Mud Weight used during the FIT
  • Press Recalculate to obtain the new Maximum Allowable Mud Weight.



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